Discover your audience. Market your product.

Growthly makes it simple for founders to go from idea to MVP without code or marketing skills.


With Growthly, you can build ideas that work!

1. Find your Target Audience

Growthly defines your audience starting from your competitors’ social media data

Growhtly smoke test
Growthly lead generation

2. Build a landing page that converts

Build a landing page that includes an explanation of what you do and the benefits you provide

3. Generate traffic

Launch Facebook ads to test your solution directly on your customers and collect useful feedbacks

Growhtly audience

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Frequently Asked Questions

Learn how Growthly works and can help grow your business

Growthly is a web app that helps companies defining their target audience, launch automated ads and perform competitor analysis through social media intelligence.

Are you thinking of launching an online business? or are you already launched? Either way Growthly will provide you with all the tools you need to define your audience, test it, scale it and optimise your performance.

We are currently running on our Closed Beta! We value feedback more than anything else :-)

With Growhtly you have access to what we call "micro-data". We analyse every data that potential target users leave on the web to define your audience. Try today our analytics, it's free! :-)

Not feeling ready?

If you don't feel a right fit for the product, we would be happy to find the best setup for you!